Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding Platform for entrepreneurs and investors


Start entrepreneurship from now on! Create your Startup or search for solutions to boost your company! Through the Platform you can create initiatives for free, presenting your proposal, your strengths, experience and knowledge, as well as the points where you would like to collaborate or participate in a global network! Your initiative will be visible, it can be accessed on the web quickly and safely, and it can also be disseminated through your social networks!

Being an investor, you can access the initiatives created by users or create an investor initiative, demanding professionals and entrepreneurs for a specific area that you want to invest, seek ideas and collaborators.

If you are a professional service provider, you can identify opportunities in user initiatives, as well as offer your services on the platform, through the sale of content or the sale of solutions. Entrepreneurs seek alternatives and solutions, and you can have the solution sought by an entrepreneur within your specialty and area of expertise!

The entrepreneur can also, through the platform, seek funds to leverage his idea, project, business opportunity or Startup through the creation of a Campaign. The Campaign may aim to collect donations or offer counterparts such as gifts, sales or advance purchase options for products and services.

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