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The company was designed in the environment of large companies, which have advanced tools for analyzing and solving problems and methods of improvement and adding value.With the emergence of crowdsourcing it was found that any company or individual could benefit from these methods in a wide network to develop their ideas, projects and find solutions! In this context, the Winpulse Network was created, knowing that an individual entrepreneurial intention must be developed to be successful, that several minds are better than one and that, despite different interests, an entrepreneur initiative creates a cycle of opportunities, allowing the participation of professionals and investors in a collaborative environment.


Connect entrepreneurs around the world, creating a collaborative and business environment with professionals and investors!


We connect entrepreneurs around the world!

We promote a collaborative and business environment connecting entrepreneurs, professionals and investors around the world. The Winpulse Network Platform allows users to present their initiatives and demand solutions through the network, as well as to seek opportunities and participation in the initiatives of other users.

Through the Platform it is possible for the entrepreneur to present his idea, project or business opportunity. He may also be interested in creating his Startup, leveraging his company, finding professionals and solutions or still create fundraising campaigns for his initiative. Professionals can present their services, sell content and solutions. The investor can look for opportunities in user initiatives and also demand the network for investments that he wants to make.

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