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The farm

Amolafacao Farm has 300 hectares, is a Centenary Farm, with 20 houses, school, several natural springs and water minerals, with untouchable fauna and flora and with Pau Brasil Geo Certificate, being one of the few in Brazil with a sewage system and a of the largest cocoa farms in southern Bahia.

Well known through Newspapers, Magazines and TV, it manages a good Cocoa Production even with the Witch's Broom disease. The results are obtained through work, friendship and social justice, adopted since the time of its creator, Luiz Coelho, who from an early age managed to acquire several plots of land in the same place, in the city of Arataca - BA.

The option of installing the Chocolate Factory on the centenary farm allows the integration of the production system in a fully preserved environment focused on sustainability! Cocoa production is already known for being perfectly integrated with the native forest! This feature has a differentiated marketing appeal compared to other products on the market.

In addition, the farm has raw material (cocoa), labor and accommodation for employees.


The main requirement for selecting a partner for the Chocolate Factory is the availability of resources to acquire the necessary equipment to start production, as well as working capital.

Other conditions will be presented in due course to interested parties.

Production and Market


For the production of chocolate, raw materials produced on the farm will be preferably used, as well as the use of local labor, which will be properly trained for the activities.

The products obtained will preferably be destined for the artisanal specialties market in the northeast and southeast regions of Brazil.

Pictures and videos of the place

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