Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding Platform for entrepreneurs and investors


We are a crowdsourcing company that uses a modern electronic platform to connect entrepreneurs around the world. Through the platform you demand the network for the collaborative or participative development of your idea, project or business opportunity, making it accessible to professionals and investors from all over the world to leverage your initiative!

The company emerged from the identification of the advantages of crowdsourcing to seek solutions at affordable cost and the experience acquired in large companies using analysis and problem solving techniques, as well as methods used in improvement programs and added value.

We start from the concept that to start entrepreneurship it is necessary to take the first step and show your intention. In the same way, to create your Startup or to boost your business it is necessary to have a clear objective and start taking action. The Winpulse Network Platform provides users with the opportunity to present their initiative for free in a global network, showing their goals, strengths, skills and knowledge, as well as the weaknesses, for which they would like the collaboration and / or participation of the network.

We understand that the creation of initiatives by entrepreneurs generates a virtuous cycle, which involves professionals and investors in an interactive process of collaboration and value creation.

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